BID 013-023
Walton County FL
Due Date : Ongoing

Project is for the construction of pavement widening and shoulders on CR2 from SR83 (CMP 5.051) to the Holmes County Line (CMP 12.193) in Walton County. There is a project exception for the existing chestnut Creek Bridge (Bridge Number 600069) and associated guardrail fromCMP 9.603 to CMP 9.665. Throughout the project limits, excluding the aforementioned exception area, the existing 10.5 foot wide travel lanes will be widened to provide 11.0 foot wide travel lanes with 6 foot shoulders. An overlay of the existing pavement will be performed and the shoulders will be reconstructed. Existing clear zone violations including cross drain termini are being addressed as part of this project. In areas where the proposed typical section cannot be constructed (due to horizontal constraints from bridge culverts, box culverts, large cross drains, concrete ditch pavement or guardrail) reductions in shoulder width will be applied.

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Working With: Walton County

Entity Contact: Glyndol Johnson