Veterinarians Interested in Providing Spay/Neuter services at the State-of-the-Art Orange County Animal Service Center

BID 5246
Orange County NC
Due Date : Ongoing

The veterinarian will be responsible for performing surgical sterilization of shelter animals including pediatric spay/neuter of dogs and cats (8 weeks of age and older), using current surgical techniques. This will involve approximately 12-20 surgeries per day 1-3 days per week. Hours per week vary between 5 and 20 and we expect the average number of hours for a 4 week period to be 30-40. Additional responsibilities may include providing other surgical related procedures as needed, providing medical consultation on animals in the shelter, staffing rabies, and microchip clinics, and acting as backup to other veterinary staff for emergency consultation. Trained technical support staff will assist the veterinarian.

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